Lattice point counting and height bounds over number fields and quaternion algebras

Lenny Fukshansky, Glenn Henshaw


An important problem in analytic and geometric combinatorics is estimating the number of lattice points in a compact convex set in a Euclidean space. Such estimates have numerous applications throughout mathematics. In this note, we exhibit applications of a particular estimate of this sort to several counting problems in number theory: counting integral points and units of bounded height over number fields, counting points of bounded height over positive definite quaternion algebras, and counting points of bounded height with a fixed support over global function fields. Our arguments use a collection of height comparison inequalities for heights over a number field and over a quaternion algebra. We also show how these inequalities can be used to obtain existence results for points of bounded height over a quaternion algebra, which constitute non-commutative analogues of variations of the classical Siegel's lemma and Cassels' theorem on small zeros of quadratic forms.

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